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Disposable Vapes Bundle1

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This awesome bundle includes 3 Disposable THCP 2.0Vape Pens (Forbidden Fruit, Watermelon Zkittles and ) This 3 vape pens bundle of our premium quality specialty cannabinoids disposable vapes saves you a whopping 15%.

Premium full spectrum CBD Oil.

Blue Gem’s full spectrum CBD Oiil comes in three strengths and is exclusively formulated with organic, American hemp. The anti-inflammatory terpene, caryophyllene, dominates this formula, revitalizing your senses with a woodsy and peppery aroma. Made with just two simple ingredients, our full-spectrum CBD oil is the solution ingredient-conscious, vegan, and dietarily-restricted consumers.



American grown Organic Raw Hemp, Organic MCT Oil.


Suggested Usage:


Start low and slow (.25ml) and gradually increase to 1ml. Consume our full-spectrum organic CBD oil sublingually, by placing it under your tongue between 30-60 seconds and then slowly swallowing for better absorption in the bloodstream.

  • Our 300 milligram strength is ideal for first time consumers and small breed pets
  • Our 600 milligram strength is ideal for intermediate consumers and medium-sized pets
  • Our 1200 milligram strength is ideal for experienced consumers and large pets

*** Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before consuming CBD, especially pregnant and nursing.

CBD Dosage:

1200mg contains 40mg CBD per 1ml.

600mg contains 20mg CBD per 1ml.

300mg contains 10mg CBD per 1ml.




Blue Gem Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil 1200mg (COA)






Blue Gem Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil 600mg (COA)





Blue Gem Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil 300mg (COA)


Blue _Gem_Hemp_300_mg_COA







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