Irfan Sadiq | Founder & Chairman | Blue Gem Hemp

      Irfan Sadiq 
      (Founder & Chairman)


Irfan is a Husband, Father, visionary entrepreneur and technologist. Who is passionate about transformational technologies & Endocannabinoid Science. With a proven track record of over two decades in the Digital Transformation Technologies realm. He identified the gap in botanical extractions , in particular with the Cannabis Industry. He has worked with World Class Biotech research scientists to develop this state-of the-art cutting edge scientific botanical extraction method that has changed the way conventional cannabis extraction used to be. His passion for the wellness of other humans and their beloved pets is what keeps him up at the night to ensure that Blue Gem Hemp isn't just another Cannabis / Botanical extraction company.



Rudaba Naqvi
(Co-Founder & CEO)

Rudaba Naqvi is a dedicated Wife, Mother and a seasoned Leader with a proven track record of managing large enterprises. Her passion and vision to make this world a better place for everyone including our beloved furry family members is the driving force that fuels her mission. She is focused to lead Blue Gem vertically to be the industry leader.