Blue Gem Hemp Difference

Blue Gem Hemp is a full vertically integrated company. We control the entire process from seed to bottle in-house. Our mission is to provide our customers with the world class customer service,  and holistic organic CBD Oil that is pinnacle of perfection in the industry. The Blue Gem Difference starts at the source of our selective hemp farms. These farms have not seen any toxic synthetic chemicals, germicides, fungicides and fertilizers. Our selected great American family farmers grow their finest organic hemp specimens by putting their heart in soul in to their respective crops.

Our organic holistically CBD Oil is made with our customers health and wellness in our mind. Our research scientists and chemists have spent ample amount of time perfecting our proprietary formulation of our signature Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil.

Our Full Transparent Extraction Method:

Our state-of-the-art scientific extraction method is aligned with the transformational biotechnology. We are committed to transform our customer's health and wellness with holistic CBD Oil. We source our hemp grown in Illinois by the great American family farmers. These farmers take pride in growing their organic hemp without any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. All of our Hemp Oil products are tested and verified for Potency by Independent Labs


So go ahead and try our products Risk Free with Our famous 180 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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