Premium full spectrum CBD Oil.

Blue Gem’s full spectrum CBD Oiil comes in three strengths and is exclusively formulated with organic, American hemp. The anti-inflammatory terpene, caryophyllene, dominates this formula, revitalizing your senses with a woodsy and peppery aroma. Made with just two simple ingredients, our full-spectrum CBD oil is the solution ingredient-conscious, vegan, and dietarily-restricted consumers.



American grown Organic Raw Hemp, Organic MCT Oil.


Suggested Usage:


Start low and slow (.25ml) and gradually increase to 1ml. Consume our full-spectrum organic CBD oil sublingually, by placing it under your tongue between 30-60 seconds and then slowly swallowing for better absorption in the bloodstream.

  • Our 300 milligram strength is ideal for first time consumers and small breed pets
  • Our 600 milligram strength is ideal for intermediate consumers and medium-sized pets
  • Our 1200 milligram strength is ideal for experienced consumers and large pets

*** Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before consuming CBD, especially pregnant and nursing.

CBD Dosage:

1200mg contains 40mg CBD per 1ml.

600mg contains 20mg CBD per 1ml.

300mg contains 10mg CBD per 1ml.