Our Story

Blue Gem CBD Oil was born as my Wife and I embarked on our personal journey of improving lives by treating chronic illnesses (Chronic Migraine, Fibromyalgia and other inflammatory symptoms) as we dealt with the sugar coated life threatening side effects of conventional, non-organic drugs manufactured by "Big Pharma".

Our struggle for a better alternative of medicinal sources transformed our treatment options, as we decided to use hemp derived plants medicine. Our journey lead us to the cbd products.

This inspired us to start our mission by improving lives of other folks like us who have been suffering and dealing with these issues. Which lead us to innovate our unique cutting edge state-of-the-art botanical extraction method that ensures the purity and potency of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes found in the organic industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) without any exposure or use of synthetic chemicals and solvents. We spent few years perfecting our cbd extraction method by integrating it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning. Hence our extraction method is a true paradigm shift in the realm of botanical extraction.

Wellness of our customer is the utmost important thing for us, "Your Wellness! Our Passion!" isn't just our tag or punch line, it's our vision, mission and passion.

When you buy our Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil and CBD Infused skincare products backed by 180 days money back guarantee.

You are not just getting the best and purest CBD Oil, but supporting the great American family farmers who put their heart and soul in to growing these fine specimens of Organic Hemp. So we can continue to keep serving our customers by manufacturing highest quality organic hemp derived products.