Irfan Sadiq | Founder & Chairman | Blue Gem Hemp

I’m Irfan, the founder and chairman of Blue Gem Hemp.

When my wife and I tried CBD, we didn’t expect life-changing results.

For Rudaba, also Blue Gem’s CEO, full-spectrum CBD weakened symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and other inflammatory conditions. We experienced failed medications, sleepless nights, and countless doctors visits in pursuit of help. Nothing stuck.

CBD was a breakthrough.

Sadly, our story is not unique. That’s why we created Blue Gem Hemp, to make plant-based options available for everyone.

We developed our exclusive, state-of-the-art extraction method, integrating AI and deep machine learning to create a more potent full-spectrum CBD oil. Traditional methods of extraction prevent CBD molecules’ full absorption in the body, meaning your CBD is going to waste.  

Our unique extraction method creates a more bioavailable product, potent and pure cannabinoids, and a smooth, clean taste. No chemicals or solvents needed. It’s a paradigm shift in the CBD world.  

We’re honored to share that with you.

Your Wellness, Our Passion. It’s more than a tagline.