Best Scientific CBD Oil Extraction Methods in 2022

Proprietary Scientific Extraction Method

Full Spectrum CBD Oil can be extracted by several conventional extraction methods. There are variety of CBD Oils available in the market today, full-spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD and isolated CBD. Some are extracted by soaking hemp (cannabis) in alcohol, the most-widely used CO2 (Carbon dioxide) extraction method, and others by using butane, propane and other chemicals as solvents.

Our unique scientific extraction method for a premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil, starts at the source. We only source our American grown premium quality organic  non-GMO hemp, by our hand selected great American family farmers that meet our rigorous quality control standards. These great American family farmers grow these fine specimens of organic hemp, without using any synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and their farming land is free of any heavy metals.

These conventional extraction methods for CBD oil extraction (full-spectrum, CBD isolate, broad spectrum) have been Cannabis (hemp) industry norms and are claimed to be effective and harmless.

Our unique scientific, cutting edge state-of-the-art extraction method is a true Paradigm Shift, backed by years of research and development of biochemistry and organic-chemistry.

We directly extract our premium full-spectrum CBD Oil from organic hemp biomass by leveraging organic MCT oil as a carrier oil for better absorption in the blood stream. 

Our flawless extraction method ensures a higher yield of all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of its respected chemovar, to provide a premium quality full-spectrum CBD oil with the higher bioavailability and strong efficacy in its relevant potency class.

We don't soak our American grown Organic hemp in any chemical, or expose it to any solvents. Our two simple ingredients are as transparent as it can get, American grown Organic Hemp and MCT Oil. This ensures the integrity and the purity of the full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from the American grown Organic hemp that is packed with wellness by mother nature.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We encourage you to speak with your doctor to determine if a CBD supplement is right for you.


If the Extraction is done through Co2 method or using any solvent.. is it harmful consuming that CBD Oil?

Kristain Sean December 24, 2021

Transparency … Wow! That’s great that you guys don’t use chemicals or other solvents

Kiara John December 24, 2021

Impressed by your method of extraction

Saki Bibi December 24, 2021

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